Windows Vista RC2 Review in Reviews

I’ve installed today Windows Vista RC2, to be more specific this is 5744 version.

I use Vista RC1 5600 version and want to show you how it looks, but now when i got fresh RC2 you can see this new version.

Firefox RC2 in Vista RC2

First screen show new Firefox RC2. It is so nice, got new great looking icons and looks much better that 1.5 version.

Good job on that, the best browser ever.


Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7 with main window.

Next screen is IE 7 with two pages open and small preview of them.

Windows Media Player

Really nice but in Vista my Sound Blaster Pro deosn’t work so i have no sound.

New navigation in explorer

This is one of new tweaks that I really like. You don’t need to click on folders, just use the address navigation.

New My Computer, now it is just Computer

Show nice status bars showing how much free space we have on our hard drives.

You can also use this on Windows XP, try this tweak : Vista Drive Statusbar. It works !

Windows Photo Gallery

Very nice, it is much better that the simple gallery from Windows XP.


New menu, the idea is now to type the name of program and Vista will find it and then hit enter. It works good.

Control Panel

Take a look at second screen, this is normal view. So many options ! Really in Vista we have many more options to setup. I think it is good.


We can also choose to draw a network map, Vista will do it for us.

Security Center

All in one place, but still without antivirus program.

Large Icons

Yee, now we have big icons in Vista, with scaling image format. But still no icon manage software or font manager.

Other gadgets

Windows Mail

Outlook Express in now Windows Mail with new live search and some other new tweaks.

Windows Media Center

Windows Calendar


Welcome Center


In the final words I must say Windows Vista will be great system.

In this time, you probably saw that i don’t have Aero. I have old Radeon 8500 (no DirectX 9 support) so i use standard Windows without 3D and other graphic tweaks.

This are not all the Vista gadgets, tweaks and new things. I just wanted to show you some of them. Not everybody can install Vista RC2.

Anyway i like new system, it will be great. One thing i don’t like is sound problem i got, no sound on my Sound Blaster card.

There are still some small bugs, and the bigger problem like not every program works with Vista for now.

Besides that, it is really a huge step forward for Microsoft and all computer users.

PS. But when i got my money i will buy Mac and OSX will be my primary system, still better that any other.

28 October 2006 in Reviews | Comments disabled

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aslam says 27 January 2007 @ 21:12


Mr Ghostie says 30 January 2007 @ 20:39

Vista looks good but what about program compatability? – I might have to split my partition for xp also but I don’t really want to do that.

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