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Title: Clearscreen Sharp for Windows7

Hi all,

Here is the Clearscreen port for Windows 7. Much has been polished and much had to be redone, thus some things have been changed — some compromises here as Windows 7 shares even more resources between different parts of the theme. So expect some details to be lost (like the etched look on the group sorting headers — Windows 7 ignores the property and only allows a 1px height for the seperator), or the unique “New Application” button state for the Start Menu (that image is shared and grossly distorted in another area), amongst other things.

You may be wondering where the navigation buttons and other resources are — I am having trouble replacing my resources in System32. Replacing Explorer.exe works fine, but as soon as I replace a .dll file, things go to crap. I had to repair my OS 8 times yesterday and don’t feel like having another go for a while. I’m taking the same steps as I had on Vista x64, and I had no problem on Vista, so this is very strange. Any help is appreciated

I am working on Clearscreen Round, which shouldn’t take as long, as the base that these two themes share is now complete. Won’t give an ETA; it’ll be done when it’s done.

Go ahead and report bugs and such, but since I’m in college now, I may not be able to reply as quickly as I have in the past! Demolition live streaming film

Author: K-Johnson

Download: deviantart

26 October 2009 in Windows 7 Themes | Comments disabled

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